Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles

Christmas Gift, decorative and amusing bamboo brainteasers  

BAMBOO BRAINTEASER PUZZLES – A perfect desktop diversion for anyone who loves puzzles!

A desktop is simply not complete without some leisure items. And, what better way to spend a few relaxing moments than with these eco-friendly Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles.

Made of renewable bamboo, this collection of brainteaser puzzles features various levels of difficulty (1-5), and is perfect for a few minutes of relaxation or longer periods of mental diversion.

Each puzzle is packaged individually and the entire set comes complete with instructions and solutions.

Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles are a terrific gift for the corporate desk or the home office. 


Mini Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles – $6.99
MINI BAMBOO BRAINTEASER PUZZLES – A perfect mini desktop diversion for anyone who loves puzzles!

These miniature brainteaser puzzles come in a fiendish array of patterns. There are enough of these puzzles to keep you busy all summer! And, not to worry—the solution is in the box. These puzzles are also made of one of the most renewable woods on the planet: bamboo. So, when you get mad at the puzzle and solve it by throwing it under the lawnmower, you can just buy another one!