Three Man Chess

3 Man ChessChess just got even more strategic – the three player chess game expands on the classic game of chess while adding new elements such as alliances between two weaker players to attack the commanding player, or planning your moves against two different attacks. Check it out $49.99



  • 2 or 4 Players
  • Age 8-10 and up
  • Special board and 4 different colored sets of chess pieces
  • Instructions and strategy tips
  • Adds challenge to your game! John N. Hansen: Chess 4Buy now

The Vertical Chess Set.
The Vertical Chess Set.This is the chess set that mounts to a wall, allowing games of indefinite length. Generating a sense of intrigue and anticipation–“did they move yet?”–it allows for weeks-long play without interruption. An included “last move” marker hung around a recently promoted pawn-turned-Queen signals to an opponent that without an equally crafty counter, the game will end soon. The 34″ H x 22″ W chessboard mounts like a framed picture with its included hardware. The board is made from cherry veneer, alternately stained and left in its natural color to produce the 3 1/4″ H x 2″ W black and white spaces. Eight transparent acrylic shelves support its set of classic Staunton chess pieces. The black pieces are made from rosewood, known for its darkly veined grain and stout heft; the white pieces are made from boxwood, selected for its fine grain and high density–all are turned by hand and finished with a durable, high-gloss cover coat. (22 lbs.) Buy The Vertical Chess