World Globes Jigsaw Puzzles

Have you ever wanted to travel the world?

world map jigsaw puzzleBest way to learn the world

Start your journey here with this 2000 piece jigsaw from renowned toymaker Schmidt. A stunning picture of the globe artfully designed with intricate color schemes and in depth detail with insets with additional information as well as pictorial representations of the Earth from space looking at the American African/European and Asian/Australasia continents and a graphic showing the earth in segment view. Puzzle size: 968 x 692mm.


sphericall jigsaw puzzle Buffalo Games 3D Spherical Puzzle – Antique Globe

Join early explorers as they set sail to discover that – Holy Cow! – the world is actually round! This spectacular three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle defies gravity as it forms a spherical miracle! Antique design is based on real ancient mariners’ charts! The pieces are specially designed to create an actual sphere. The last piece – the North Pole piece – has a trap door that snaps into place when you’re done! Puzzle includes 530 pieces, a display stand, and piece by piece instructions. Time to sail around the world! Finished puzzle is 9.5 in diameter.   Satellite World Map Augmented Reality Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000-Piece

Play an exciting quiz about the world’s continents Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia with over 100 interactive questions with several game variations. Bonus feature: A political world map. Our Augmented Reality puzzle collection makes your puzzle come alive. Download the free AR Puzzle app from the App Store that utilizes the camera function of the iPhone® or iPad® versions 2 or higher to animate the scene. Experience a totally new visual reality and reveal audio details, sound effects and factual formation.