Desk Globes

For anyone who likes travelling or simply for learning geography, these desk globes are designed to please the eye as well as to keep inquiring minds active and well amused.

A Desk Globe makes the perfect gift for children and adults alike. Exercise your mind with this Ravensburger’s 540-piece The Earth Puzzleball. This 3D puzzle is composed of 540 curved pieces that snap together to form a detailed, full-color globe. Each puzzle piece is printed with a number on the inside to assist with construction, or you can go by image alone for a real challenge. Recommended for children ages12 and older, the set provides hours of puzzle-solving fun for budding geographers and makes a beautiful decorative piece when completed.

Desk Globe: The world sphere puzzle. Put the pieces together on the sphere.


The puzzle pieces to be detailed and easy to connect. While some pieces took more effort to snap together than others, they all joined into a smooth and impressive globe. The plastic stand provides a convenient place to store the globe while searching for pieces. Doing the puzzle guided only by the map is a bit challenging, but great for learning countries’ locations. The addition of numbers and arrows on the inside of the pieces is a big help for getting through tough sections.