I love puzzles. Some time ago I discovered that when given puzzles as presents, people are delighted.  Some start working on them straight away, some are phoning months later to say “thank you”  for the great present that they finally opened and enjoyed.

So, I’ve set a little amazon shop here that contains my favorites puzzles, games and gift ideas. I add items, when I browse the net, if I think I might one day, consider buying them. This way I know that at Christmas, I won’t be wasting time searching aimlessly and desperately through shops, looking for a present for auntie Mia or uncle John.

So feel free to browse through my personal favorites. If you happen to buy anything after you browsed, amazon will reward me  a few pennies and by Christmas, I will get a gift certificate from them to use on my shopping.

So, thank you for stumbling across my little shop.

All the best